Bergamote Pastry & Coffee

I never thought I would stumble upon decent bread nor pastries – or what we call viennoiseries in France – here in Barcelona. And mostly because of my Spanish colleagues who deceived me right away on this.

But the magic of randomness happened. I was heading last morning to a famous café for pancakes – yes, my plan was firmly decided, when I passed by this cute café and saw a HUGE pile of cinnamon roll on the counter. I entered to look at it closer, and even though the smell was pushing me to stay, I left quickly, already thinking about how my next morning would look like.

And here I am, this morning, heading to Bergamote Pastry & Coffee for a pastry-full breakfast. I choose to sit in a very cute corner with a coffee table.


I couldn’t just order cinnamon roll as the other bakery items were eyeing at me. I ordered:

  • Cinnamon roll: crispy outside and super soft inside, with a strong cinnamon flavour, and quite on the sweet side. Not warm, however you could feel it was freshly baked from the early morning – center was still lukewarm. Super good! ♥
  • Almond & vanilla croissant: a big crispy croissant, buttery as it should be, filled with almond paste that doesn’t have a strong almond flavour (and I’m very fine with that). Frankly and frenchly speaking: perfection!
  • Latte: pastries were too perfect to be true. My coffee with milk was actually very bad, bland and watery, with a taste of bad coffee which is hard to describe. That’s a big miss.


I’m wowed by the quality of the bakery items at Bergamote. The dough, the layers, the crispness, the buttery taste – everything is impressively mastered.

The venue is cute and cosy, perfect for a quiet breakfast as it opens at 8am on weekdays.

That’s a keeper for sure!

Pastries display
Cinnamon rolls
Almond croissant (almendras croissant)
Cinnamon roll, from the inside

The venue

Bergamote Pastry & Coffee

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Price: €

Highlights: cinnamon roll, almond croissant, and bakery items in general

 Avoid: coffee

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