Cerveseria Ciutat Comtal

On my very first evening in Barcelona, I could have gone nowhere but to a tapas place.

I was recommended Cerveseria Ciutat Comtal by a Spanish colleague. 20 minutes walk from my accommodation and here I am, in front of a big restaurant with a gigantic queue.

Tip: if you’re just one, you can directly go inside and find a seat at the bar.

Once seated, I get a menu – Spanish of course. Waitresses are of no help, and you better order fast.


I end up with:

  • Razor clams a la plancha (navajas): perfectly cooked and super tasty! ♥
  • Squids a la plancha (sepias): good although not as tasty as razor clams
  • Deep fried small fish and seafood (fritura mixta): not too bad, however I had better

Plus a sangria pitcher for myself – they never do sangria by the glass in Spain.


Prices are overall not cheap for tapas. It was a nice experience as my first visit in a tapas place.

Razor clams (navajas a la plancha)
Deep-fried pimientos
Deep-fried fish & seafood (fritura mixta)
Squids (sepias a la plancha)

Cerveseria Ciutat Comtal, Rambla de Catalunya, 18, 08007 Barcelona

Neighbourhood: Plaça de Catalunya, Eixample

   Price: €€

   Highlights: razor clams


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